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Masifunde - isiZulu language material
Over 35 years of experience in teaching isiZulu as an Additional Language!

Brokwood Books grew out of a need for isiZulu teaching material in the 1970's when isiZulu was only being taught as an additional language in a handful of private schools.

Since then, we have created a deep, rich library of hands-on, home-grown and really fun isiZulu teaching stuff. We continue to provide teachers with exciting material that has been tried, tested and refined in classrooms across South Africa.

The continued extension of isiZulu as a First and Second Additional Language into thousands of schools makes the Brokwood Books material even more necessary and sought-after.

Apart from being available in print, this fun isiZulu teaching material is now becoming available in digital format to download to a device - hi-tech isiZulu is right on hand.

Keep watching this space for new, innovative digital material!